Poetry in My Camera

When I graduated from college, my father gave me a present-–a Canon AE1 camera with a 50 mm lens. I did not do much with it other than show it off to my friends. I put the camera inside my bag when I immigrated to the United States, unsure when I’d get to learn how to use it, but never giving up the dream that one day I would. In the meantime, as life happened around me, my Canon become an antique.

Through the years, I never forgot about the promise that the camera represented--the promise of sharing my stories. Luckily, I realized that the most beautiful stories I can tell with my camera are about the natural wonder that God has created. Images of the world’s most beautiful places are the poems and songs my camera wanted to sing.  

I drove dusty roads and endured bitter cold or sweltering heat. I often went to the same spots more than a half dozen times to catch the right moment. When I encountered God’s wonder, it was through my camera that my soul was able to speak.

My photography skills are still raw, but I want to share with my friends and family the heartfelt joy of capturing this beauty. I want to share my trips to far-off places and the song as told through these pictures--a song that took me a lifetime to compose, beginning with the promise of my first Canon. 

November 2016

Suzy Ro Landscape Photography